Until today, if you wanted to go live on Facebook, you were limited to sharing only on a business page.
You had to go to your page and click publishing tools, videos and then +Live.



From here a pop up appeared with the scripts for your video equipment or encoding software.
It also tells you that you cannot use this on your computer.


Facebook doesn’t give you Computer Publishing Options. You need to go to The Facebook Developers Page, and create your own developer button to upload the official “Live Video API” 🙂 From there you need special software and a unique plugin to accomplish this. We are giving you free access to this software today as well as complete instructional tutorials on how to use it.

I’ve put an example of the “Live Video API” button I made for this below.

Click it and see the options for yourself.  I will teach you exactly how to do this. It’s easy and only takes a few minutes.


As you can see, you now have the option to go live anywhere you choose.

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