How To Make Money Online


The one question asked by people who are new to online marketing is…

“How can I get started without spending a lot of money?”

My answer is this….

The easiest way to make money online is to get a domain name, put up a WordPress blog and promote your passion. Below is an example of a simple program where you simply set up a website and promote Amazon products as an associate. I will share more about that in my upcoming internet marketing series

I add Amazon banners on most of my websites because it is one of the most popular shopping sites on the internet and if people are going to buy from Amazon, then I want a piece of the action. It’s as simple as that and anyone can do it.

Amazon pays you a percentage of every sale you refer to them. My favorite is giving away free 30 day memberships to Amazon Prime. I get $2 for everyone who signs up for the free trial from my banner (which Amazon provides you for free.)

Here are 2 products of the hundreds available that I am currently promoting.

Earn up to 15% on Amazon Sales From Your Link

My Best Seller

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You Make $2 From Everyone Who Takes The Amazon Prime 30-day FREE Trial.

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